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Our Mission

We protect what’s valuable to you.

Integrity is crucial - in any transaction in any market.

INTEGRYSIGN offers breakthrough solutions with HYPERMARK and HUMETRX, which ensure ultimate integrity for the visual identification and the authentication of individuals, financial assets, material assets and goods.

Identifying, earmarking and counting of values and goods have always been key processes for any society throughout history. Today globalization and digitization drive a rapidly growing market for identification and authentication as a result of rising security challenges. Already, counterfeiting, fraud and piracy are highly pervasive across countries and sectors, and make up a $ 1,000 billion industry globally.

As a result, the general loss of trust in what is real and what is not creates a strong global desire for integrity. Therefore, industries need to utilize the best tools available to provide a universally trusted environment and protect themselves against a significant drain of commercial and intellectual resources.

HYPERMARK holographic signatures provide the premium solution for multifactor authentication requirements in any business model which needs to protect itself against fraud, counterfeit and piracy. HYPERMARK utilizes true volume holography with individualized information and multiple tokens in combination with the breakthrough IntegrySign HyperMark AAA-Integrity APP. This unique technology turns the automatic reading and verification of holographic signatures into an amazingly quick, safe and easy process.

Woman voice identification
Woman voice identification

HUMETRX biometric authentication works with the human voice and ensures superior protection of personal data through the integration of the complete spectrum of unprocessed raw user voice streams. It works under any acoustic condition regardless of ambient noise through the application of a complex matrix of AI METRX engines. This creates an easy to use, robust and convenient solution to accessing personal data and identification processes.

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The INTEGRYSIGN technology solves the most critical challenges in product and transaction protection: True volume holography using real 3D imagery and individualized information such as data or tokens ensure ultimate integrity & security and are easy to verify via APP- & web automation realizing outstanding value for money in any market.

INTEGRYSIGN aims to be a dominant player in the individual and product security market where the progressive growth of digitization creates an ever-increasing need for trust and integrity.


Since the early days of humankind, identifying, earmarking and counting of values and goods have been key processes for society.

Much attention was devoted to unique identification and authentication signs and procedures.

Based on sophisticated techniques, those in authority could establish their power, their cultural impact and their political reach on an international scale.

The demand and requirements regarding security technologies and their application are driven by globalization and digitization.

The global market for identification and authentication is growing rapidly, primarily as a result of rising security challenges.

Multi Factor Authentication is a must in future business models.

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