Matthaeus Unger

Matthaeus Unger

Product Design

Matthäus is an outstanding industrial designer who leverages his strong engineering background and his passion for cutting edge trends in design and technologies into unique products for his customers on a global scale. Among his project partners, Matthäus is highly valued for his unique abilities to turn customer needs into to novel design approaches and ultimately superior products 'bridging the chasm' between form and function. His captivating designs come across as reduced to the max, blending elegance and visual appeal with superior customer value proposition.

As owner of, Matthäus has a deep understanding of core concepts and processes in Innovation, Human Centered Design, User Experience & Insights as well as Brand Management. He is a creative out-of-the-box thinker and fundamentally understands how to connect creativity, knowledge and longstanding experience for superior solutions. His strong business acumen complements remarkably well with his industrial design competencies. In approaching design challenges, he is levelheaded and pragmatic and knows exactly how to generate superior and economically viable solutions for his clients.

Matthäus is an extraordinary project leader and truly understands how to work effectively and efficiently in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural teams. He has substantial international experience in bringing together and managing diverse teams of designers, engineers and business experts to develop ideas from scratch to realization and scale-up under time and cost pressure. Matthäus definitely is a role model in the way how he balances leadership and being a team player in the teams he works with depending on the specific requirements of each project.

In working with Matthäus, his clients appreciate his visionary foresight along with his deep technological understanding and his business-driven approach to leverage his experience and skills set into superior products and solutions.

  • Owner of
  • Partner for Innovation, Industrial Design & Mechanical Engineering from start to launch.
  • As international consulting firm, clients are located in Silicon Valley, Asia & Europe. (SanDisk, Avid, Foxconn)
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