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Ultimate Integrity Protection for your products & services

The solution against Fraud, Counterfeiting & Piracy

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In any transaction in any market integrity is crucial

Who is the buyer, who is the seller, are the goods genuine and the origin right, are the authentications valid?

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IntegrySign offers the solution with HyperMark & HUMETRX
Identification & authentication of individuals, financial assets, material assets and goods is the core business of IntegrySign.

Multi factor authentication through holographic signatures is a must in future business models to ultimately protect product & services against fraud, counterfeits and piracy.

The IntegrySign HyperMark APP concept, which can read and verify the Holographic Signature easily and automatically, is a real breakthrough.

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Personal identification capitalizes on biometric security factors and has become an integral part of our daily routine. HUMETRX voice biometrics provide maximum security with unique convenience.

Voice Authentication - the future of biometric security

Independent of the application, users simply need to speak a random phrase such as “Please make the transfer.” or “Book my table for dinner, please.” to validate their identity.

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How to prevent fraud, counterfeiting and piracy?

Individual factors

Inherence (personal & individual to the user)
voice biometric
Knowledge (something only the user knows)
unique individual validation
Possession (something only the user has)
holographic signature

Product properties

Crystalline holographic structure
integrity (highest security & robustness)
Replacing conventional security labels
easy to implement and affordable
Inseparable part of the asset
non removable
Individual volume holographic information
pictures, serial#, token, captcha
Human recognizable features
no devices required
Easy to verify of authentication factors
APP, web (Human Interaction Proof)
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Empower your ownership through personalized access

With its two brands HUMETRX & HyperMark IntegrySign aims to be a dominant player in the individual and product security market.

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INTEGRYSIGN offers breakthrough solutions with HYPERMARK and HUMETRX, which ensure ultimate integrity for the visual identification and the authentication of individuals, financial assets, material assets and goods. 

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