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Use your voice

Voice Authentication - the future of biometric security

Independent of the application, users simply need to speak a random phrase such as “Please make the transfer.” or “Book my table for dinner, please.” to validate their identity.

No passowrd


No password required

Faster access


Easy access / No typing

Stronger authentication


Biometric Authentication


as the crucial demand in our connected society


access to applications and services for our daily routines


authentication via biometric factors

Woman voice identification

Secure & Fast access to your services

Voice Authentication - the future of biometric security

Voice biometric eliminates the need for PINs, passwords or security questions and makes it possible for customers to speak a simple voice passphrase for authentication.

Capture voice


Today's smartphones' MEMS microphones are the best biometric sensors

Capture voice


HUMETRX' unique Confirmation AI METRX Engine (Saas)

Confirm Identity


Authentication with highest security standards and best fraud detection

Analyze - AI Metrx

The process involves two main activities.

Create your biometric user voice profile by using the high quality smartphones' MEMS sensor, authenticate your profile for your daily needs.

Alien AI

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