Christian Klepzig

Christian Klepzig

Head of Technology

Christian is a seasoned technology professional in machine learning, biometric security and holography with a strong entrepreneurial business sense.

He is a brilliant technologist and inventor who quickly grasps the complexities of any technical field. One of his core strengths is leveraging his unique analytic und abstract thinking into elegant frameworks for unlocking superior value for his customers. Industry leaders appreciate his profound knowledge of deep and machine learning algorithms for biometric and holographic applications and how he translates them into sophisticated security solutions. His rich professional experience is based on longstanding engagements in the corporate world.

At EADS, a company later known as AIRBUS, he was the principal developer of the first LED-based projector for avionic purposes. Under his guidance, the first ever holographic head-down-display for an aircraft was designed and built.

At LINHOF, Christian successfully deployed several core optics technologies for the large-scale industrial production of high-quality volume holograms. He also holds several patents in the field.

For the auto-motive industry leader CONTINENTAL, a new augmented reality head-up display based on holographic methods was developed under his leadership.

His ideas were used for projects with the German BUNDESDRUCKEREI, where he took a leading role in introducing holographic security features to the new version of ID-cards and driver’s licenses.

As a scientist, he worked for internationally renowned research institutions like CERN and FRMII and gained substantial experience in fundamental and applied research in physics.

His partners and clients value Christian for his deep expertise in cutting edge technologies, his unique skills to leverage them into high value solutions with a strong business impact and his drive to turn technological challenges into compelling business opportunities.

  • Christian is a brilliant technologist and inventor who quickly grasps the complexities of any problem.
  • He is expert in Holography and Machine-Learning Algorithms for industrial applications.
  • At EADS he developed an Aviation Head-Down-Display.
  • He was Head of Optical Systems at LINHOF for ID cards of the German Bundesdruckerei.
  • Holographic HUD for Continental.
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