Ernst Stöttinger

Ernst Stöttinger

Managing Partner

Ernst translates technologies and ideas into commercial products for global markets. As a former global MNC executive and founder of an award-winning premier industrial design and engineering consultancy, Ernst brings decades of experience in technology R&D, product development and commercialization to projects. He is deeply skilled in global sourcing, manufacturing, supply chains and business development.

Ernst excels at leveraging his extensive network and orchestrating teams to achieve breakthroughs in both technology and business. His firm, Essentiel, uses a unique combination of technical and engineering prowess, product development capabilities and strong business sense to create innovative products and services for a global roster of leading clients.

Ernst enjoys challenging the thinking behind the applications of technology and is always looking for strategies to support product portfolios through the design of innovation and IP.

While Vice President of R&D at AKG Acoustics and Harman International, he played a decisive role in reshaping the company’s telecom and automotive businesses and leveraged Harman’s global engineering and marketing platforms.

As leader of the R&D he was engaged in pioneering development projects in speech recognition for Daimler Chrysler, the first Bluetooth headset for NOKIA as well as handsfree communication solutions for IT, automotive and telecom customers.

By combining his global corporate systems rigor with his longstanding entrepreneurial expertise and passion for solving technical design challenges in an agile agency environment, Ernst is master at designing elegant solutions to real-world business problems bringing out the best for companies of all sizes, customers and society as a whole.

  • Ernst is a world-class expert in leveraging technologies into cutting-edge solutions for realworld problems.
  • Founder of ESSENTIEL, a design & development company and partner of XINOVA.
  • > 30 years of experience leading R&D initiatives and product development teams in an MNC context (AKG, HARMAN, Nokia, GM, Daimler, Ford, Apple).
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