Barbara Stöttinger

Barbara Stöttinger

Marketing Advisor

Barbara is a leader in executive education and an accomplished global marketing scholar and researcher. In her role as Dean of the WU Executive Academy, she empowers executives and high potentials for their professional future. Under her leadership, the WU Executive Academy manifested and strengthened its position in the international executive education landscape, as numerous accreditations and top positions international rankings demonstrate. In her capacity as Dean, she spearheads the WU Executive Academy team in designing global learning journeys from Executive MBA programs to specialized workshops, for individuals and companies nationally and internationally. In addition, she works as an accomplished executive educator for marketing and international marketing on a global scale.

As an academic, Barbara has been focusing her research over the past 20+ years on the worldwide demand and supply of counterfeit products. What motivates consumers to buy fake products, what can companies do to prevent such behavior, how has the online environment added complexity to establishing product authenticity, which countermeasures can companies and governments put into place and many more aspects are covered in her research. In her capacity as a highly renowned scholar in this subject, she has been invited to present her research at conferences and to contribute to international practitioner-oriented publications. In her field of expertise Barbara serves as scientific reviewer for international conferences and journals and her work is published in leading scientific journals around the globe.

Her publication list can be found here: Barbara Stöttinger (WU Research)

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