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IntegrySign sets up first holographic laboratory in Vienna

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March 30, 2023
IntegrySign sets up first holographic laboratory in Vienna
Ernst Stöttinger
Ernst Stöttinger
Managing Partner

IntegrySign has announced the kick-off for its first holographic laboratory (HoloLab) in a high-security location close to the center of Vienna. The innovative facility will be utilized to produce and showcase holographic product samples for its HyperMark brand of products. Furthermore, the new operation will serve as base to run pilot studies on innovative product applications.

Since more than two years IntegrySign has built up significant technology assets and business intelligence to provide groundbreaking innovations to the individual and product security market where the progressive growth of digitization has created an ever-increasing need for trust and integrity.

IntegrySign´s proprietary true volume holographic technology provides the premium solution for industries which need to protect themselves against fraud, counterfeit and piracy. The new HoloLab which is due for completion in summer 2023 will allow IntegrySign to showcase this innovative technology based on real life samples and provide custom made solutions for its clients.

Christian Klepzig, Head of Technology at IntegrySign continued – “Our team has analyzed all the security pain points that have been plaguing industries for many years – for example in luxury consumer products where the damage to businesses due to fraudulent activities is nearly a quarter of annual sales. No other approach can rival the potential of our integrated holographic security solutions.”

Ernst Stöttinger, Managing Partner of IntegrySign noted in his inaugural address for the new HoloLab: “Our mission statement with IntegrySign is – protect what you value. For this we have thoroughly investigated the requirements of the global market for identification and authentication, and we are convinced that we can provide a new standard in security for our clients and their customers. We are very keen to get going and demonstrate our abilities with the new HoloLab”.

About IntegrySign

INTEGRYSIGN is based in Vienna, Austria and offers breakthrough solutions with HYPERMARK and HUMETRX, which ensure ultimate integrity for the visual identification and the authentication of individuals, financial assets, material assets and goods.

HYPERMARK holographic signatures provide the premium answer for any multifactor authentication requirements where maximum protection against fraud, counterfeit and piracy is required. It utilizes true volume holography with individualized information together with the HyperMark AAA-Integrity APP.

HUMETRX biometric authentication works with the human voice and ensures superior protection of personal data.

These unique technologies provide maximum integrity through a quick, safe and easy process. We protect what’s valuable to you.


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Managing Partner IntegrySign


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We protect what you value.

"In any transaction, in any market, integrity is crucial, IntegrySign offers the solution with HyperMark & HUMETRX, which ensure ultimate integrity for identification & authentication of individuals, financial assets, material assets and goods."