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How to win the battle against counterfeit medications

Published on
November 13, 2023
How to win the battle against counterfeit medications
Ernst Stöttinger
Ernst Stöttinger
Managing Partner

Counterfeit drugs have been plaguing the pharmaceutical world, putting patients at risk and eroding trust in medication efficacy. Most recently the appearance of counterfeit injection pens for diabetics with secondary use as a weight-loss medication have grabbed the international headlines.

Fact is that we're in the midst of a global epidemic where counterfeit medications are infiltrating the market, posing serious health risks. It's a problem that affects us all.

According to the World Health Organization, as much as 10% of the global pharmaceutical market—worth a staggering $950 billion—is tainted by counterfeit drugs. These imitation medications can range from erectile dysfunction treatments to muscle-enhancing drugs, causing potential harm to countless patients.

The question arises: How can patients discern trustworthy sources when purchasing medication online? The landscape has changed drastically, and the established distribution channels are no longer the sole guarantee of authenticity.

That's where innovation becomes the key to safeguarding lives. At IntegrySign, we recognize the urgent need for a solution, and we're here to make a difference with HyperMark —a cutting-edge, premium holographic system designed to combat fraud, counterfeiting, and piracy in the pharmaceutical sector. HyperMark employs true volume holography with personalized information and multiple tokens, fortified by our breakthrough IntegrySign HyperMark AAA-Integrity APP.

Visit our IntegrySign website to learn more about how our advanced solutions are making the pharmaceutical industry a safer place for all. We are dedicated to #ProtectWhatYouValue and to#StopProductPiracy.

Join us in the fight against counterfeit drugs, and let's ensure that patients can trust in the medications they rely on. Together, we can build a safer, healthier future.

We protect what you value.

"In any transaction, in any market, integrity is crucial, IntegrySign offers the solution with HyperMark & HUMETRX, which ensure ultimate integrity for identification & authentication of individuals, financial assets, material assets and goods."