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How fake is the new real?

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April 19, 2023
How fake is the new real?
Ernst Stöttinger
Ernst Stöttinger
Managing Partner

Authenticity fraud happens often closer to home than you would think. And it is not just related to the most obvious such as consumer products or luxury goods.

Have you ever hired a person and later wondered how he or she could have obtained their qualifications in the light of their actual performance?

Were you ever surprised about the lack of skills of a co-worker who allegedly sailed through university with top grades and was now struggling with minor tasks?

CV fraud is fast becoming one of the major issues in a time when companies are desperate to fill vacant positions and candidates think that they can quietly slip up the professional ladder despite serious voids in their CVs. NYC based Inc.-magazine already reported in 2020 on the audacity of some candidates who often not only have a CV full of false information but also fake certificates or university degrees. Even during phone interviews, the interviewed person may not necessarily match the real applicant as a professional substitute is drafted in by a fraudulent candidate. Worst of all the current AI hype in the format of ChatGPT and similar tools provides a shroud of legality to this practice which costs the industry millions:

The wrong people in the wrong jobs, security risks galore or even just the cost of aborted interviews if companies are lucky enough to spot the scam before hiring the respective candidate.

The IntegrySign toolbox with its significant technology assets provides groundbreaking innovations to the individual and product security market to help uncover such scams and provide security to employers amongst others. True-volume 3D holography provides a nose-to-tail solution for document safety and Hypermark speech authentication makes sure you connect with the right person. All with the aim to protect what is valuable to you!

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